America’s Got Talent 6 Audition for Darren Taylor (Professor Splash)

America’s Got Talent aired ts 2011 Houston auditions on Wednesday, June 8, 2011. Darren Taylor (also known as Professor Splash) was featured prominently and advanced to the Las Vegas round of the auditions.

This act appears to be pretty dangerous. It surely at least requires extensive training to avoid injury. It’s not totally unique, as I’ve seen this act years back on “That’s Incredible” or some show like that. Nonetheless, it is comparatively unique when considering what we usually see on America’s Got Talent.

Basically, Professor Splash jumps from a certain height into a kid’s 12-inch wading pool. He did it from 26 feet for the Houston auditions. One of the reasons I think AGT does have mass appeal is because of acts such as this. You just can’t expect to see this act anywhere else on television.

However, only certain kinds of acts generally stand much of a chance of winning. Darren Taylor’s act is literally a few seconds. That does not really make for a show and is more like something you would expect as part of a bigger show or some kind of exhibition at a special event.

For that reason, I do not expect Professor Splash to be winning the 6th season of America’s Got Talent. It will just be the same exact thing every single round and only for a few seconds.


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