Pixar Movies and Writing

Pixar short-movies and writing

Who would of thought that short-movies would become my next best friend? There exists countless ways of teaching writing and many of them are boring, expired and have no effect on students. Like so many other things in this world, you have to love something before you actually can do it and better yet, be good at it. Do not be too strict on grammar rules but let your students write. Let them write their own way of seeing things. Do not judge them but just encourage them to write. Only when they will have started to love writing that you will be able to actually teach them how to improve.

Watch the short movie

All Pixar short-movies are quite short, usually under five minutes. You will want to watch the short movie more than once with your students.

First time. Watch and just enjoy.

Second time. Watch and learn new vocabulary.

Third time. After watching, orally retell the story with students.

Student’s assignment

Students have watched the short movie for three times now. They laughed and learned new vocabulary. They can most likely retell the story in their own words. You can do two things at this point. You can let them write a review and write their thoughts about the short movie. However, this is a great time for them to rewrite the whole story. For more advance students, they can change the ending or the whole story.

Student’s goal

Students should be told to work on one specific aspect of writing each time they watch a short-movie. Perhaps they need to focus on adjectives or conjunctions. Whatever you choose, make sure it is one specific aspect of writing. However, if your student’s level is advanced, you may choose to give them assignments that are more challenging so they can improve.


In order for this to be successful, repeat this assignment more than once. I do not necessarily suggest to repeat this immediately since students get bored easily. Wait a few weeks and try again the experiment. It is a great way to teach writing and spice up your writing class. Happy writing!